5 Easy Steps to Reduce your Workers' Comp Rates

5 steps to reduce workers' comp rates'

Every business in the State of Washington is required to have Workers' Compensation Insurance. The premiums you pay can go up not only because you have more claims or because you work in a dangerous industry, but they can also go up because you do not work to keep the costs down.

Here are 5 steps you may not be aware of that can tip the balance in reducing your workers' comp costs:

Know your rights
You have the right to protest, petition, or appeal a claim decision directly to Labor and Industries and the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals.* Employers have the legal right to protest a decision made by The Department of Labor and Industries. The protest may be filed online or by letter. Finally, if the Department reconsiders the origional decision, but you still do not agree, you have the right to appeal a claim decision to a higher authority. You may appeal directly to the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals, but you will only have 60 days to appeal a decision. Learn more about appeals from Labor & Industries.

Safety first
Create a safety and an accident prevention program for your business. You can reduce your premiums by preventing workplace injuries.** Every claim affects your premiums for the following three years after it is closed. Do yourself a favor and prevent claims from happening in the first place by investing in workplace safety.

Return to work program
Create a light-duty job description when you do have an injured worker. You can get wages reimbursed for returning an injured worker to work.***

Track your claims
Stay on top of claims by tracking them online. In Washington State, register for a free account with the CAC.

Get a discount!
If you have no claims against your account, you may qualify for a claim-free discount. Contact your L&I account manager for details.**